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GDP-Pharma warehouse

Temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and chemical products must be stored and transported according to their requirements. In our new pharma-accredited warehouse we work and store strictly according to GDP-guidelines. We are offering up to 1,000 pallet spaces for goods within the temperature range from 2 to 8 degrees.
We ensure safe storage of your goods at optimal temperature conditions and offer the following features in our GDP-warehouse:

  • Pharmaceutical qualification by the company Pharmaserv


  • 11 temperature sensors for optimal monitoring


  • Optimum temperature distribution throughout the warehouse


  • The latest fast-response alarm system for temperature deviations, unauthorized access, smoke formation and power fluctuations


  • Own powerful power generator


  • Sensitive access controls with camera surveillance


  • Pest Control


  • Individually zoned concept with double door and quarantine area


  • Exact inspection of incoming goods and their documentation


  • 10 years archiving of temperature logs

Service in Perfektion!

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