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About us

We started over 20 years ago as a small transport company with three people at the site in Versmold.

Today, we have over 30 temperature controlled vehicles and employ more than 50 trained staff, enabling us to guarantee diverse and personalised service at the highest level. All our employees are also focused on quality and service availability. For this reason, we refer to ourselves as an “all-rounder” in the area of thermal transportation and warehouse logistics. We store and transport medicine, pharmaceutical products, food, dangerous goods, chemical products, trade fair goods and much more. To offer you the best service, no sub-contractors are used.

Your inquiries will be answered by us, having many years of experience in transportation, the exact knowledge of standards and regulatory requirements as well as the sophisticated, professional handling of your transportation and logistics jobs.

To minimize disruption of transport processes, we agree all appointments with our business partners directly in order to ensure a smooth process. Trust us and our core competence!

Would you like to know what solutions are available for your transportation needs?
Do not hesitate and contact us on +49 (0) 5423 932341-0.
We are available around the clock for you (24-hour service)!

Service in Perfektion!

Lerch Thermo-Transporte   Westheider Weg 30   33775 Versmold
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