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Transports for all temperature ranges, cooled or heated, from -25 to +25 degrees

Special transports are, amongst other things, possible with dry ice

Bi-temperature transport in 2-compartment vehicles, i.e. different temperature ranges within one transport

Tamper-proof temperature recording

Location and temperature monitoring of vehicles using GPS- tracking

Alarm for temperature deviations

10 years archiving of temperature logs

Analysis of your individual transport and logistics requirements

We offer approximately 5,000 sqm of storage space for different temperature requirements

As of now, storage capability in our new GDP-Pharma warehouse

ISO 9001 accredited

Our staff is trained in the following areas:
1. Training in accordance with Federal Aviation Office
2. Training according to GDP-guidelines
3. Training in line with transport of hazardous goods
4. Training for Professional Driver Qualification
5. Training in environmental management
6. Training for all product requirements
and in the area of occupational safety
Our trained staff is available around the clock

We distinguish ourselves from other transport companies by offering a fast and unlimited service!
We are working for you in the areas of temperature-controlled transport, medicine transport, pharmaceutical shipments, special and express transports as well as special transports for exhibitions and multi-temperature transports.

No matter when you require our services – we are available 24/7 and you can contact us by calling +49 5423 932341-0.

The term “Transportation Solutions” means the following to us:
To provide you with quality handling, to demonstrate flexible and quick feasibility of transport possibilities and also provide a cost-effective solution.

The close cooperation with you and the disposal of the latest vehicle technology enable us to offer you a high level full range of business activities in the future.

We are delighted if you are pleased with our services!

Service in Perfektion!

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