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Direct and special transports

Short notice transports for any sector, whether food, frozen products, sensitive data carriers, hardware, and special products

Especially in this day and age short notice and direct transports become more and more necessary, e.g. GFK-liners for sewer renovation. In this case, you need partners who can act flexibly, discreet and in a timely manner. We, as a company, see this as a prerequisite and is our absolute strength. Drivers, vehicles and the transports are organised by us directly in the shortest time possible and at a good price/performance ratio.

Flexible, Europe-wide direct transport

Direct deliveries, packages, individual boxes, pallets or entire truck loads will be transported swiftly throughout Europe as temperature-controlled direct deliveries. Take advantage of our long-standing experience. 24-hour service, 365 days a year, constant availability. We look forward to your requests and requirements, which we are happy to meet with our wide range of services.

Transports, cooled or heated, with special thermal vehicles (-25 ° C to +25 ° C)

Depending on the product requirement is transporting over defined temperature ranges using appropriate Thermofahr- testify readily possible. We guarantee Europe-wide professional handling of such movements, whether in small quantities or full loads at temperatures ranging from -25 ° C to +25 ° C, 24 hours, every season. We dispose of special GPS-monitored thermal vehicles for small or large transports equipped with the latest air condition technology for various applications such as multi-temperature, partition walls, liftgate etc. Due to the assured, regular maintenance, cleaning and disinfecting, all these vehicles are up-to-date and at your disposal at any time.

Tamper-proof documentation

A validated temperature monitoring system in our vehicles guarantees tamper-proof documentation for every consignment. The temperature logs are archived by us and can be printed if required. You receive a copy of the complete cold chain with your transportation bill for your documentation.

Well planned with optimal timing

We analyse your individual transport and logistics needs to offer you a solution tailored to your needs. The professional planning and implementation, for example, for a trade show event, short-notice transport, etc. requires reliable and consistent execution. We are your partner to support you with your planning. Innovative transport solutions at national and international level as well as express shipments within Germany are our specialty.

Service in Perfektion!

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